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Lustshifter by 8RedJohn8 Lustshifter by 8RedJohn8
This is my first entry for Seventh Sanctum's Dragon, Aim, Fire! contest.
For this one I used two generators and let me tell you, I have never drawn a dragon in my life and I just had no clue what I was doing. I still don't really. This particular drawing took me about four days. I've never spent so long on a drawing in my life but I think it was worth it. I'm pretty proud of how it turned out, though it may not be the most incredible work of art ever. For me, it's pretty good.

Here are the generator results:

Lustshifter - She is a young adult dragon. She has blue scales and exceptionally large wings. Her breath is a cloud of gas that makes its victims easily suggestable. She is quite seductive. Her power to take on a human form has proven to be very useful. She lives in an exotic forest of strange and poisonous plant life. Her hoard is small.

This dragon has an elegant, long body. Its scales are the color of amethysts, shading to lighter on its underside. This dragon has short limbs with four splayed digits on each foot that end in long claws. It has enormous wings running from its shoulders to its hips. Two rows of bony knobs run from the base of its skull, down its back, to the tip of its tail. This dragon has a huge mouth. It has deep-set eyes that are silver. This dragon’s head is narrow. Projecting above its nose is a single horn.

As you can see the generator results contradicted each other with the scale colors so I decided to make the scales amethyst, but blue when they caught the light sort of? And then I did the same thing with her hair.
Let me just say that it took me longer to draw Lustshifter in dragon form than in human form, but figuring out how to put dragon eyes on a person without it looking incredibly weird was admittedly a challenge. I hope I did an ok job.

Her clothing is green because I imagine it would blend in well with her environment (exotic forest-which is why the background is also green).

I sort of imagine that, because her breath is a cloud of gas that makes it's victims easily suggestible, while she's in human form she can still use it. Maybe it's a little difficult to imagine a woman breathing in a way that's not...ridiculous. But the way she does it is more sensual.

I imagine she would walk up to her victim seductively and lean in close, as though to kiss them (they of course would be transfixed) and then just before their lips brush she would exhale softly and slowly, and the gas, which is sweet smelling and dizzying, would seep into their system and just like that, anything she says sounds like the most amazing plan in the world.

ANYWAYS I'm digressing majorly so I'm gonna stop now xD

Hope you guys like it :3
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March 14, 2013
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